Welcome to Customs by Dale, a family owned and operated restoration facility. We make your restoration project an exciting and pleasurable experience..We can restore your classic or muscle car back to original, upgrade your drive train and suspension, or build your dream hot rod from scratch. We have been located in Fort Pierce Florida since 1992, but started restoring cars in 1972 in S.C.  We do sheet metal fabrication, mig & tig welding, body work and painting, engine rebuilding, electrical and computer, and all mechanical work in house. We also work with an expert upholsterer with nearly 50 years experience so that we can deliver to you a turn key car. We only work with the best, and our chrome plating and stainless steel restorer delivers perfection. The first thing anyone sees when they approach your car is the paint, then the fit and finish. We strive for perfection.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten

Out of the countless cars we have finished, numerous are are still on the road without a bubbble in the paint, being driven daily or taking awards, and that is not going to change